Can Bed Bugs Eat (or Chew Through) Wood?

Because bed bugs are parasites, they are more challenging to get rid of than most insects.  Plus, they are quite adept at living in your clothes, bedding, carpet, and even small holes in the flooring … Read more

5 Bugs That Look and Jump Like Fleas

If you’ve got a pet, you have heard about or dealt with fleas. A nuisance to furry animals around the world, they cause pain, discomfort, and irritation for any creature unfortunate enough to end up … Read more

What are Caddisflies – Are They Dangerous?

Any lover of lakes and wildlife has likely come into contact with many different insects and species before, especially the caddisfly. The caddisfly is a general term describing over 1,200 species of fly-like moths that … Read more

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