Are Wild Boars Dangerous – How to Keep Them Off Your Property?

are wild boars dangerous to humans

Wild boars (also called pigs, hogs, piglets, and swine) have gained quite a reputation for being aggressive towards humans and many other companion animals.

These animals tend to be very dangerous not only because of their aggressive behavior but also because they carry various diseases that can be quickly passed on to humans.

Not only that, but these mammals are also the cause of thousands of road accidents each year that result in serious injuries for drivers.

You can find wild boars in 45 states across the US. California alone has them living in 56 out of the 58 counties in the state.

If left unchecked, they can ravage a typical lawn in a single evening. This is why keeping them off your property is so important.

Below we will take a look at how you can identify these creatures, where to look for them and what you should do to get rid of them.

Where Do Wild Boars Like to Live?

Wild boars or feral pigs do not like the cold, which is why they tend to be in southern states where the temperatures stay warm for most of the year.

While these animals like to scavenge in the open fields, they live mostly in the dense undergrowth and marsh vegetation which serves as a cover for them.

Feral boars also tend to stay near food sources such as farms. The waste grain generated by many farms serves as an excellent food source.

However, you will also find them in or near the forest as it often has edible food.

In addition, they tend to stay away from where humans live.

But with the expanding population of humans, you may see more feral pigs searching for food in trash cans at night where they are still under some cover.

What Does a Wild Hog Look Like?

How can you tell them apart?

If you see what you believe are hogs in your yard, you need to ensure that what you see is the truth.

Proper identification is important before starting the treatment. Otherwise, you are wasting time, money, and energy on a treatment that will not work.

Feral hogs are easy to identify, thanks to some common characteristics you can spot when they are in your yard.

  • Weight: 100 to 400 pounds
  • Size: 36” on average
  • Tusks: 4 tusks that keep growing
  • Color: Adults have dark brown to black skin, while young feral hogs may look reddish 
  • Feral hogs have tails and grizzly hairs on their bodies

Where to inspect them and their signs?

Once you have confirmed that they are feral pigs or hogs, then you can move to the inspection phase.

This will help you find the areas where the feral hogs are located, so you can determine which areas will require treatment and removal.

Locations for inspection:

You’ll want to look around your property for water sources such as creeks, rivers, and ponds.

If there are muddy areas, hogs and boars like to roll around in such places.

In addition, any location that is near fields, crops, and livestock may have wild hogs roaming about.

If your land has fruit or nut-bearing trees, these are sources of food for wild hogs as well.

Signs they are around your home:

There are definite indications that feral hogs are on your property.

Look for the following signs.

  • Droppings or Scat
  • Signs of Wallowing in Mud
  • Hair and Mud Stuck to Trees or Posts 
  • Rooting of Crops or Vegetables
  • Trails

Keep in mind that scat and trails may come from different types of animals.

But the hairs of a hog are rather distinctive. Plus, the wallowing in the mud and rooting of crops are more definite signs that you have wild hogs on your property.

When you confirm that feral hogs are indeed on your property, which usually takes a sighting of one at night, then you can start to take preventative steps.

how to get rid of wild pigs in yard

How to Stop Wild Hogs from Ruining Your Yard?

A feral pig was once a wild pig that escaped captivity.

They are noted for being rather fast, which is why trapping them is problematic.

In addition, they vary considerably in size, which makes a single type of trap limited in its use, assuming that it even works in the first place.

This leads to the issue of how you can keep feral pigs out of your yard when they vary so much in size and are relatively fast when on the run.

First and foremost, do not confront a feral pig. They are no longer domesticated and will fight if they feel cornered.

Because of their size, weight, and speed, they can be quite dangerous, so stay well out of their way.

 What follows are a few methods you can use to deter the presence of feral pigs.

a) Clean Away Food Sources:

The first step is to remove any food sources that these creatures can access on your property.

You are inviting feral pigs to dinner when you leave food unattended, especially overnight.

Start by cleaning the area around your BBQ, then the places where you feed your pets.

This will help deter feral pigs who may move off your property to search for other food sources.

b) Use Electric Fence:

What works to keep cattle away from your property also works to drive off wild pigs.

The electric fence is relatively cheap and only provides a mild shock that does no permanent damage to the animal.

Just be sure your pets are well away from the fence, or they will get a shock as well.

c) Protect Your Garden:

If you have a garden, it is one of the most tempting of all food sources for the boars.

You’ll need to build a fence that includes fine plastic mesh strong enough to keep the hogs from pushing their way in.

The mesh will also let in the light, so your garden continues to grow.

Be sure to clean away any food that is close to the garden as this will only bring them closer.

This also applies to any flowers that you have planted on your property.

Wild boars tend to dig and destroy whatever plants are in the soil, so you will need to add fencing to those areas as well.

d) Water Sprinkler:

One simple method is to attach motion sensors to a water sprinkler, so it activates at night.

A sudden spray of water will cause feral pigs, along with most other animals, to run away.

But this is only a temporary solution.

e) Traps:

Traps are not that effective, but if they are the right size and strong enough, they can work.

A strong trap may be the only deterrent if you have large feral hogs.

You can either create a trap on your own or find a design for an effective trap online.

The more unwelcome the environment is for these feral animals, the more likely they are to leave and find another location.

f) Cannons:

This is not a military cannon we are talking about that fires projectiles.

Instead, this is a specific cannon-type device that makes loud noises to frighten away the boars and other pests.

Typically these are powered by gas cylinders and operate using a piezoelectric motor which means you need no energy source as it operates on its own.

You can set the range and sound frequency of the cannon to go off at the most opportune times when the critters may be approaching your property.

Cannons are intended for open spaces, and they will make a considerable noise as well, so keep that in mind if you want to drive away wild pigs at night.

Keep your neighbors in mind as well when using this strategy. 

how to escape a wild boar attack

Human And Boar Encounter – What to Do if Attacked?

Because the human population is ever-expanding, the encounters with wild boars are increasing.

This means if you find one yourself in a park, public, or residential area, you may wind up face to face with them courageously and calmly.

The first thing to keep in mind is that this is a wild animal, not a tame one.

Their behavior is not predictable, and you should always assume that they will attack.

However, they generally act aggressively only when cornered or protecting their young.

Otherwise, they will tend to run away, given their shy nature.

Do not underestimate the strength and weight of a wild boar.

They can run quite fast and may cause serious injury if you encounter one.

What follows are things you can do to minimize an attack if you suddenly come upon a wild boar.

  • Keep Calm and Slowly Move Away
  • Maintain a Safe Distance and Do Not Approach or Provoke the Wild Boar
  • If You See an Adult with Piglets, Leave Them Alone

If you find yourself too close and the animal moves to attack you, the first thing to do is get some distance.

This may mean running yourself, although the wild boar is going to be faster.

Instead, look for a place to climb, such as a tree that gets you at least six feet off the ground.

The wild boar cannot climb trees, so this may be your best option.

Otherwise, be prepared to fight.

Stay on your feet, use whatever weapon is available, and keep fighting until the wild boar veers off.

If you are injured, get first aid immediately. The bacteria carried in a wild boar’s mouth can cause a serious infection.

The Conclusion

Wild boars are all unwelcoming and can be dangerous to your property.

You can seal or remove garbage containers, add more fencing, and use sound devices or animal cannons which can contribute to pushing these animals off your property.

Each addition will bring you one step closer to making your property less than ideal for wild pigs to scavenge.

Choose the method that is best suitable for you to implement and safe for your family and pets.

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