Why are Deer Lying Down in My Yard During the Day?

deer in backyard are dangerous

Deer are very social animals, and they usually travel in groups called herds which are often led by a dominant male.

Generally, these herds are seen in rural areas or in forests. But if you see the deer (or a group of deer) lying in your yard, it indicates they feel safe there and will return unless the circumstances change.

Deer prefer to sleep in your yard also because of the possibility of food sources nearby. They are creatures of habit, and they will return to areas where they have had success finding food in the past.

They also don’t enjoy traveling far for sustenance, so you’re likely to find something that appeals to them near your property.

Even when resting, deer are vigilant and may sleep in your vegetable garden while enjoying their food.

Here in this article, I will go over in detail the possible reasons why deer might be sleeping on your property, where they usually like to lie down while resting as well as some non-lethal ways to keep them away.

So, if you desire to get all those info stuff, let’s jump into…

Where and At What Time Do Deer Sleep?

Deer have the ability to sleep just about anywhere. They often take shelter under trees and will create beds out of soft grass.

As deer sleep, they tend to move around a bit and may curl up like a cat or lay on their side. Some deer can even fall asleep while standing up if necessary.

Deer usually sleep alone or in groups depending on where they feel most comfortable resting for the night.

You’re likely to see them more often in your yard during pleasant nights; however, if it rains during the night, you’ll probably find them taking cover under dense trees or bushes instead since that provides better shelter from potential predators.

Regarding the time of sleep, deer are nocturnal creatures who spend most of their time asleep during the day.

But because they easily startle and are always on the lookout for predators, deer cannot sleep for long periods of time.

Most sleeps only last a short while – as brief as 30 seconds – with only a few deer remaining awake to keep watch at any given time.

If one senses a predator, it will alert the others in its herd by snorting, at which point they’ll all wake quickly and run away from the threat.

If you notice deer sleeping in your yard, observe them quietly; if they notice you, they’ll likely view you as a potential predator and flee immediately.

Are Deer In My Backyard Dangerous for My Family?

Although it’s not a negative, having deer in your yard can be dangerous. They’re easily startled, and if you live close to a busy street, they could run into the road and get hit by oncoming traffic.

The rut is a time of extreme danger for deer, as bucks become more aggressive and fight with each other. They can be harmful to dogs and other animals during this period.

Bucks have more testosterone, then, making them much more aggressive. So, if you spot bucks in the yard, bring any pets inside.

In general, though, deer are not usually a concern, and they prefer to flee rather than battle. That said, you should still keep your distance from them during mating season.

how to stop deer from coming in backyard?

Do They Attack Me If I Come Near to Them?

Deer normally will not attack humans. If a deer feels trapped and threatened, it may defend itself as a last result.

During mating season or if you’re close to their fawns, bucks become more aggressive and territorial and are more likely to attack humans.

There are some signs that a deer is about to attack. If you see a deer with its tail tucked in, hair standing up, ears lowered, or walking stiffly, it’s best to move away slowly.

Deer can kick or bite hard enough to cause serious injury, and they may also carry bacteria in their mouths which could lead to infection if you’re bitten. If you’re hurt by a piebald deer, seek medical attention immediately.

What Will Keep Deer Out of My Backyard – How Can I Keep Them Away Without Harming Them?

Deer love nuts, acorns, and plants such as peas, kale, soybeans, alfalfa, orchardgrass, red clover, and chicory. So, if you have plenty of these varieties around your yard, chances are deer will visit often.

If you want to keep them away, the best thing you can do is grow plants with strong smells that deer don’t like, such as garlic, chives, marigolds, petunias, and zinnias.

Deer also do not like to come near plants that have thorns or prickles. But they generally snack on roses, so this is an exception.

You can also try using commercial repellents or making your own with ingredients like garlic, chili peppers, or vinegar.

But depending on the deer species and population in your area, you may need to use a combination of these methods to keep them away from your yard.

Some people choose to put up a fence as a physical barrier to keep white-tailed deer out, but this isn’t foolproof since deer can jump high.

Installing tall electrified fencing might work, but make sure it’s legal in your area first. A better alternative is to try using netting to keep deer away from specific plants.

Many homeowners also claim that coffee grounds might be an excellent way to deter deer from preventing extensive damage.

While deer don’t like the coffee ground smell, I am doubtful because there isn’t much legitimate research to support its efficacy.

So, if you ask me, the best way to keep deer out of your yard without harming them is by making it unappealing to them with plants they don’t like and carrying strong smells.

Can I Shoot a Deer on My Property if I See Them- What are the Laws and Regulations?

On your land, you can sometimes shoot and kill a deer. However, it is dependent on where you reside and the laws existing there in your specific state.

Landowners and their immediate family members in certain states are permitted to shoot a deer on their own property if they find that the deer is a problem, but the land should have a minimum size of 10 acres and be exclusively used for agricultural purposes.

Some states do not require landowners to obtain a license to hunt deer on their property. They can use archery, crossbow, muzzleloader, firearms, or other hunting equipment to pursue the animal.

However, if you have neighbors, you should think about what weapon is best for you – some of them can disturb, harm, or even kill your neighbors.

If you live in a populated area, it is best to refrain from using firearms.

And again, rules may differ across states and based on the species of deer.

Albino deer, for example, are considered extremely rare and should not be killed. You might face a misdemeanor or felony charge if you’re caught shooting one.

The Conclusion

Deer are lovely animals, but they can be a nuisance if they start to frequent your yard too often and are found relaxing there.

While they are not very dangerous if they are in your yard, they are only present for food and shelter; you may need to take action to keep them away.

If you want to get rid of them and want to prevent coming them again in the future, the best thing you can do is grow plants with strong smells that deer don’t like or try using commercial repellents.

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