How to Control European Starlings Problem In Your Roof?

How to Control European Starlings

European starlings (also called “rat birds”) are the sturdy black songbirds that belongs to tyrant flycatcher family.

Be it your roof, attic, basement, backyard garden or a gutter, they can literally build their nest anywhere you can think of.

In simple words, European starlings are the birds that can easily adapt to almost every kind of habitat.

The ability that makes them successful is their wariness due to which it becomes very hard to capture these birds.

Why Is European Starling A Problem?

Starlings are the birds that usually travel in flocks of thousands which can be extremely dangerous to air travel.

Plus, these birds are known to cause great damage to the crops and other agricultural operations every year.


In addition to these, starlings can be hazard for you when they invade your house and creates a mess all over.

As they can create a lot of mess within no time, they can easily make you go mad especially if present in large group.

Health risks

Starlings can also be a cause of severe health hazards for humans and pets.

Not only the waste and mess they create in homes but also the fungus present in their droppings can be dangerous.

This should not be ignored as it can cause various kinds of illnesses.

Loud noises

With higher vocal abilities, Starlings are skilled at making and imitating various different sounds.

When present in large groups they an be really annoying as all of them keep producing their thrilling and chirping sounds.

These noises can become louder and even more disturbing with the increasing population – when they flock around in groups over your building.

European Starlings, as said, are sometimes very helpful birds that should not be harmed, and so it is important to know how to properly keep them away from spaces where they shouldn’t be.

How to Control European Starlings Infestation?

As such there are many ways to actively solve the problem of European starlings’ presence near the home.

Therefore, it is good to know how to solve the problem of European starling interaction in the most humane way possible.

Fortunately, the solutions are varied, and all can be successful, though in some situations their effectiveness can depend on the location you are living in.

1- Frightening Starling Away

Like every bird Starlings are also scared of its predators.

Taking advantage of this, you can easily frighten them by installing artificial predators in your gardens such as the decoy of the owls.

You can also get many devices in the market that can serve your purpose. These are like scary eyes, sonic devices, etc.

2- Block their Access

Starlings will keep coming in your building to look for the places where they can easily build the nests for themselves and their young ones.

You should therefore check for any holes in your place (like the one in your attic) from where these birds can enter.

Seal them instantly and do not leave them uncovered as starlings and other birds can take the benefit.

3- Search and Remove the Nests

A simpler option that could achieve the same results involves homeowners going out into their land to look for European starling nests.

When the nests are discovered proper authorities can be called and the European starlings can be peacefully and safely removed.

Though, of course, there are even more things that as a homeowner you can try.

4- Eliminate their Food and Water Sources

One of the main reasons why starlings choose your property for nesting is the plenty of food and water they will be getting from there.

If you have open trash containers, pet food and water outside, make sure that you remove them from your place.

By keeping them indoors for few days you can discourage the starlings from coming.

5- Take Steps to Decrease their Population

With a solution that lasts for a long time without consistent maintenance, you can have a guaranteed answer to the problem of European starling intrusion.

So, if you are really frustrated with the large group of Starlings in your area, you can take some extreme steps to control their population.

This will include trapping them for relocation, giving them slow acting poison, or even shooting them down (if its allowed).

The Conclusion

European Starlings flocking around your property, chiefly around chicken and other domestic animals, can present more issues than benefits to property.

The options I have discussed above are simpler and less invasive.

They are not meant to target European starlings but instead to keep them from being constantly invested in certain areas.

For that reason, they should be considered perhaps even before other tactics are to get rid of European starlings from your property.

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