How to Stop Pigeons Roosting Under Solar Panels – 11 Different Ways

how to stop pigeons roosting under solar panels

The warmth of the solar panels is so intense that it is an ideal nesting place for pigeons, especially during winter.

Pigeons usually utilize this area to stay warm and sheltered in harsh weather.

While this may seem harmless for a while it can cause many problems in the long run.

They can block the gutters and pipe and be a source of constant nuisance.

Apart from that, pigeons also carry a variety of diseases that you don’t need anywhere near your home.

This is why it is important to take the necessary steps to stop pigeons from roosting under your solar panels.

11 Ways to Stop Pigeons Under Solar Panels?

If you are really frustrated with pigeons roosting under solar panels, here are 11 ways to get rid of this pigeon problem.

Hopefully these will help you out in long run…

1. Anti-Roosting Spikes

These spikes are available at your local hardware store so you can easily find them there.

You can utilize these spikes to attach them to your solar panels.

Do remember to attach them near areas that you think will be a good place for a pigeon to nest.

This way whenever a pigeon wants to roost under the solar panel, they will be uncomfortable and it will deter them from nesting there.

In the long-run, this can be an ideal solution as no pigeon wants to roost under something spiky.

It is a cost-effective solution that will last you for a long time to come.

So, this is one of the top ways you should consider as it will give you your money’s worth.

2. Galvanized Steel Mesh

This is perhaps one of the most common ways people keep pigeons from roosting under their solar panels.

That’s because it solves the root cause of the problem. The steel mesh blocks the pigeons from getting under the solar panels through its sides.

So, a galvanized steel mesh can be attached to the sides of the panels. This will stop the pigeons from getting inside.

Apart from that, the best part about a steel mesh is that it can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

The galvanized steel mesh will last you for a long time as only extremely destructive storms will affect it.

Don’t worry though it will not cause your solar panels to overheat as it still has enough space for air to pass through freely.

3. Use Plastic Decoy Animals 

Doing this may seem like an outdated idea before technology took over but it works just as well.

You can use prey animals to deter the pigeons from roosting under your solar panels.

Invest in a plastic owl that moves its head with the winds so it doesn’t look too fake to the pigeons.

They will have enough movement to scare the pigeon from coming near the solar panel and roosting beneath it.

So, an owl can be a great guard for your solar panels.

If you don’t want to use a normal plastic fake animal then you can even opt for a high-tech one to get more effective results.

These include sounds and some form of movement as well that will be enough to scare any pigeons that come near your solar panel.

4. Ensure Maintenance of Solar Panels

Solar panels are a responsibility. You need to make sure you maintain them from time to time so you can figure out if any problems exist with it.

This helps keep your PV in proper working order and it will be less attractive to pigeons and other birds.

Regular maintenance will also help you determine if any pigeons are roosting underneath your solar panels.

This way you can take steps to get rid of this problem.

5. Polyurethane Nets

Netting is another cost-effective way of stopping pigeons from roosting under your solar panels.

Just make sure that you get a net that is of high-quality so it can last you a long time and provide you with multiple functions.

A strong polyurethane net is hassle-free to install, allows light and air to pass through, and covers the entire area of the solar panels so that pigeons don’t roost beneath it.

The net will not allow the pigeons to even land on the solar panel properly.

However, since the material is net you will have to keep a regular check on it.

This is because they go through wear and tear and need to be replaced often.

6. Use A Pigeon Repellent Gel

To stop pigeons from roosting on your roof you need to do everything you can to make the area less attractive to them.

You can easily do that with a repellent gel that will deter the pigeons from nesting or roosting under your solar panels.

There are many such gels on the market. However, the most popular one is the Bird-X Bird Proof Transparent Repellent gel.

You can apply it to the sides of your solar panels so when a pigeon lands to inspect the area it leaves as soon as possible.

Do remember to not apply in too much quantity as that can hurt the pigeons since they can get stuck in the gel.

It will last for a few weeks and then you will have to apply the gel again.

7. Keep A Clean Yard and Garden

Pigeons are always looking for something to eat. This is why they prefer roosting next to a place where they can easily find a lot of food.

If your yard or garden has stuff for them to eat then the undersides of your solar panels will be an ideal location for them to roost.

So, you should maintain your yard and garden every week and get rid of anything that may be a source of food for pigeons.

Apart from that, you should make sure that your trash is tightly sealed and inside a closed bin.

Maintaining your home is an important step towards keeping a clean roof and garden as it will ensure nothing attracts the pigeons from nesting or roosting.

8. Install A Sloped Sheathing

The sheathing is constructed from different materials such as metal, PVC, and plywood.

All these materials have a slippery surface that a pigeon can’t get a grip on. This deters them from roosting.

You can easily secure a sheath under any flat surface to stop pigeons from roosting under that area.

All you have to do is ensure that it is sloped to provide extra slippage. This will make the roof slippery and pigeons will not roost on it.

9. Set Up Reflective Surfaces Around the Solar Panels

Have you tried everything and it still doesn’t seem to work?

Well, then reflective surfaces may just be the answer to all your pigeon roosting problems.

This is because pigeons hate bright flashes of light.

It leaves them feeling disoriented and so they don’t go anywhere near a source of bright light.

You can use this to your advantage by securing reflective surfaces near your solar panels so pigeons don’t land on it at all.

You can easily find many bird deflectors on the market that will help you solve the roosting problem.

They can be cut out and placed in different areas of your roof. Just make sure they cover the area of your roof that doesn’t have solar panels.

This way pigeons will be disoriented from far and they will not come near your roof or solar panel at all to roost.

The deflectors will last you a long time. However, you can keep replacing them after every few months as they are extremely cost-effective.

10. Secure A Weatherproof String 

Utilizing a weatherproof string is also an effective way of keeping pigeons from roosting under solar panels.

You can install these weatherproof strings around your solar panels and their side.

This way when the pigeons land on your roof or solar panel they will be deterred because of the string.

We recommend you to use a weatherproof string as it can withstand any harsh weather conditions.

However, if you decide to install it then you should keep a check from time to time so that you can replace it in case of an issue.

11. Seal Off Every Entrance That Leads Under the Solar Panel

Pigeons love roosting under the solar panels because it protects them from predators, cold weather, and the harsh sun in summers.

So, you must seal off the sides of every solar panel that is there on your roof.

You can utilize this method with other ways that we have stated above to get the most effective results.

Find anything in your home that can be utilized to seal off all the entrances.

Once that is done, you can utilize any one of the above ways for maximum protection from roosting pigeons.

Final Words

Solar panels need to be kept clean and maintained properly.

Keeping pigeons from roosting is an essential part of this maintenance.

This will ensure the longevity of your solar panels as they will incur fewer problems.

So, follow these eleven ways to stop pigeons from roosting under your solar panels.

The ways you choose depends on your preference and budget as they all work equally well.

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